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Many colleges and universities are in the process of (or have already begun) negotiating the possibility of massive reform in their art departments. These changes may mean the end to mandatory foundation courses such as Drawing and 2-D Design. This begs the following question “Is Freshman Foundation vital or antiquated?”.

Manifesto-ish has found a few individuals to contribute (in real time) to a thoughtful discussion of this topic. Manifesto-ish will be hosting an online art discussion: the debate will stream live on Youtube. The video of said discussion will later be presented during the opening of an an art exhibition in Syracuse, NY called FND 0098: Ten Years Out. This show will be a reunion art show focused on eight artists’ foundation experiences in relation to the present day. FND 0098 opens at XL Projects in Syracuse (a gallery operated by the College of the Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University) on March 28th.

Manifesto-ish is Jessie Clark, Veronica Cianfrano, Lauren McCarty, and Matt Zigler. Our collective endeavors include online exhibitions, an online residency, and virtual real-time panel discussions.
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Manifesto-ish panel discussion
Manifesto-ish panel discussion