• Loved To Pieces at Kitchen Table Gallery: An exhibition of work by Lauren McCarty and Veronica Cianfrano

    Loved To Pieces at Kitchen Table Gallery: An exhibition of work by Lauren McCarty and Veronica Cianfrano

    Once in a while artists meet their kindred spirit. Loved To Pieces is an exhibition that explores this unique connection. The works on view exhibit a shared affection for the tactility of seemingly mundane objects and materials. The artists have curated each other's work, presenting an intermingled exhibition spanning eight years of art making, collaboration, and friendship.

  • Not There, an exhibition by Space Regeneration Project in Beijing's Chaoyang District

    Not There took place on December 1, 2013 in the unoccupied and partly demolished site for the foreign creative consulting company PAE Media Group in Beijing's Chaoyang district.
    The building complex, completed in 2008, was used for barely 6 months before a land dispute lead to the company vacating. The structures were partially demolished and have since been sitting unused. The grounds are visited now mostly by one man, on behalf of the land owner, who is followed around by the area's feral dogs and one very fat white cat.
    For the month of November, 2013, the grounds were once again occupied by a group of artists, responding to and augmenting the site through painting, sculpture, performance, and social interaction.

  • Review for Beijing Cream

    Tino Sehgal at the UCCA Beijing

  • I moved to China!

    Check out the adventure here: laurenmccarty.tumblr.com

  • "Attention Otherwise Occupied"

    An online curatorial project by Manifesto-ish (Jessie, Veronica, Matt, and Lauren)
    The live online opening is Thursday October 25 from 7-11 EST!
    Visit the gallery here!

  • "Laughing in the Face of ..." at Phila MOCA

    A fantastic group show curated by Jessie Clark and Veronica Cianfrano!
    August, 2012
    See the online version HERE!

  • First Will and Testament

    Friday April 6th, 2012, 8pm
    1801 N. Howard St., Philadelphia
    Though many of us do no have culturally accepted estates or douchebag-worthy assets, we have people, animals and stuff that we love.
    The collected documents will be exhibited with a selection of related videos, zines, audio and a sanctorium of sentimental items designed to open a dialogue about our past death experiences and the one we will one day be a participant in.

  • The first public appearance of THE STUFF HERO!

    Opening Tuesday April 3, 2012, 6pm
    "It's a Small Small World" curated by Jayson Musson, a.k.a. Hennessey Youngman at Family Business Gallery. 520 W. 21st St. NY, NY

  • Review for the Artblog: Dan Reidy at the University of the Arts

    The Prometheus Myth (or an anti-theft device)

  • Review for Title Magazine

    Bill Walton's Studio at the ICA

  • A curatorial project in collaboration with Jessie Clark and Veronica Cianfrano

    The Dishes Are Done: Dispatches From Domesticity

  • Lauren McCarty for theArtBlog.org

    Dubai Hosts University of the Arts MFAs

  • Me on the Sharjah News!

  • Still Melting extended through Art Dubai and the 10th Sharjah Biennial

    The Sharjah Art Museum
    March 16-June 16, 2011

  • Still Melting: An Exhibition of work by MFA Students from the University of the Arts

    January 12- February 5, 2011
    The Emirates Fine Arts Society 29th Annual Exhibition
    Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, UAE

  • University of the Arts MFA Ceramics, Painting, Sculpture Thesis Exhibition 2010

    Opening Saturday December 18th, 6pm
    Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, University of the Arts
    333 South Broad Street, Philadelphia

  • PARTICIPATE at 320 South Broad Street

    An interactive public diorama project by Lauren McCarty and Veronica Cianfrano. The works were installed on July 15th and will be on view through September.
    Visit: tinyurl.com/participatefb to view, download, or upload photos and videos.

  • Future Excavations: Artists' Remnants and Relics

    Gallery 224
    University of the Arts, Anderson Hall
    333 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia
    July 20, 6-8pm
    Philadelphia has seen the same fate as the people of Pompeii. through the ashes a set of objects emerge to reveal a community of artists. What do these artifacts say about our present?