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Window of Bewilderment
Window of Bewilderment
LED lights, Birch bark, natural inks, artist-made charcoal, canvas

Window of Bewilderment, explores the contradictory relationship between the Gilded Age elite and the American wilderness. Camp Santanoni, a sprawling estate built in 1892 by an Albany banker.

Windows are literally framing devices, revealing scenery to be contemplated. An ancient Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Genko-an, features one circular and one square window. The circular window expresses harmony and enlightenment while the square symbolizes the suffering of human life. The bark-paneled architectural form of Window of Bewilderment is a square, with the image revealed through a circular opening. The woman, seen walking with two companions, is young Huybertie Pruyn, enthusiastic naturalist and privileged intruder. The intention of Window of Bewilderment is to convey the magic of wilderness discovery, filtered through an awareness of its mediation and cultural precedents.